Sandra Mehl, Speaker Memory Keepers Cocktail Hour

12/10/2020 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM ET


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What would you do if you owned an heirloom that endured a two year odyssey leaving Nazi occupied Europe without family survivors to answer your questions? A year ago on the eve of Chanukah Sandra took her legacy to the Antique Judaica Roadshow and had a menorah appraised. Learn what Sandra discovered as she shares a story of the lengths some of us will go to in order to put family first and foremost.


Sandra Mehl is a first generation American who lost several family members in the Holocaust. She tells the story of the heroic deeds of the Horner and Kellner families, who lived in Poland, Germany and Belgium, and rescued lives and precious legacy from Nazi occupied Europe. Additionally, she shares the impact of her experiences growing up with survivors and offers a message of hope for the next generations – how to shift from surviving to thriving.

Although Sandra’s story evolved from a commitment to keeping her family’s values and traditions alive and a desire to gift a unique legacy to her grandson, Zevi on the occasion of his becoming a Bar Mitzvah, she is also determined to help the next generations connect to a fateful time in history that dares to repeat itself, and accept the call to action to make certain “never again”.

Sandra graduated from Columbia University and is a Licensed Master of Social Work and practitioner of energy medicine. After living in Harrison, Westchester where she raised her children, practiced in neighborhood hospitals, taught Hebrew and Global Studies in community schools, she recently moved to Stamford, Ct. where she happily lives near her family, and is excited to start the next chapter.

Sandra credits her family for teaching her to survive, and her journey as a member of Generations Forward, a group of second and third generation individuals sponsored by The Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center of White Plains, for helping her learn to thrive.

Sandra is a member of GenerationsForward, a group of second and third generation individuals sponsored by the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center of White Plains, New York.


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